Rental advices

10 useful tips when you book a car rental

Once you have decided to rent a car from Bulgariacarrent, here are some tips for the 10 mandatory things you must remember before and during your rental.

1. Make your reservation as early as possible

This is very important especially if the rental period is during the high summer period. Try making reservation at least 1-2 weeks in advance in order to avoid a disappointment of limited availability. We also have regular “early-birds” discounts and promos!

2. Choose your car wisely according your needs

Always have in mind not only the price, but the interior car space and trunk size. It is essential when you travel with more than 4 persons and a lot of luggage. (Often happens, a client to book 7-seater for 7 persons, that way minivan with unfolded 2 extra seats has less trunk space. The same with the cars from class Mini like Ford Ka, usually reserved because it is cheaper).

3. Leave more details when you book

When you make your booking online or by phone, leave more details like the flight number (so we can track your flight if it has a delay), exact pick up address and hotel name as well as mobile phone number, that will be reachable at the moment of car pick up.

4. Don’t forget the security excess

As most of the car rental companies, we have security excess when you rent the car. The excess is 200 EUR – 500 EUR depending on the car class. It will be blocked on your credit card and after you return the car – unblocked.

5. Bring your credit card, driving license and ID

Don’t forget your credit card, you will need it for the security excess and if you prefer – for the payment. You can not rent a car without driving license and ID.

6. Plan your cross border trip

If you plan to exit Bulgaria during your rental, you need to send us scanned copy of a driver’s license and ID, so we can issue Power of Attorney and Green card for the car. There is additional fee depending on the car class and the country you will visit. The security excess is double. Also, some countries are not allowed.

7. In case of car accident – call us!

If you are involved in accident during the rental or somehow damage the vehicle, call us immediately. Also, you’ll need to call 112. They will assist you notifying the traffic police. We will need your traffic police report about the accident. If you have bought Super Cover insurance the report frees you from any charges.

8. Don’t leave your belongings in the car

If you leave your belongings in the rented car, there is potential risk someone to break it and steal your belongings. It is also mandatory always to take the car documents with you.

9. Don’t forget to refuel

Our corporate policy is to provide cars with full tank, so when you return the car it must be fully refueled. We advise you to use the closest gas station to the drop off place

10. Follow the traffic regulations in Bulgaria

Always abide the speed limit. Remember that at many places on Bulgarian roads there are stationary and mobile speed cameras. Choose guarded parking lots when you park. Do not leave your car parked in restricted areas to avoid be repartition. Avoid third class roads and always comply with traffic situation. The most important advise is to treat the rented vehicle as your own. Be more careful and you will not bring unnecessary hassles and worries during your vacation.

How to return a rental car fast and easy?

The “Renta А car” service allows you to drive your chosen car for a predetermined period which must be strictly observed, under the terms of the contract. Every renter is obligated to read these terms in advance and with renting the car he is signing that he read and agreed with the conditions of this contract.

We advise you to plan the return of the vehicle beforehand

  • Consider the distance from your place of return
  • Get informed for the traffic situation and road conditions
  • Be on time at the place for hire a car (one of our offices or specified address by you)

Do not leave all your stuff for the last moment not to miss your flight. Please note that if you return the car lately more than 1 hour you will be fined to pay an amount equal to one-day rental.

A guarantee for the fast return of the vehicle is the strictly observance of the following points:

  • Bring the car with a full tank as you received it! Check in advance where is the closest petrol station on the way back to refuel the tank immediately before the returning.
  • Ensure that the car is washed and implemented in the same condition in which you receive it.
  • Take care to return the car without damages and to save unwanted fines. It would take time in formalities for both sides.
  • Ensure that the documents and the keys are with you on the returning of the car.
  • Be noticed that the working time is from 09:00 to 19:00. If the vehicle is rented or returned in non working hours an additional fee of 20.00 € applies. Timely returning the vehicle will save your time and unforeseen expenses.

Please be informed that in case of changes of a date or a time of return you should inform early enough our representatives, so as they to have time to manage adequately the situation. Be maximally mobilized during returning the car to make their work easy.

5 reasons why to travel with a car rental

“Rent a car” has been known for more than 100 years. Certainly the progress in all these years is huge and nowadays the customer receives and many options not only the car. The number of car hire customers increases more and more. The striving to improve the service lead to development in this field. Some of the main reasons you might want to use Car Hire are described below:

1. Trip

As most travelers know, that they should book their car in advance (usually in Internet). When you land at the airport and each of the travelers has at least one suitcase, it would be difficult all this luggage to be taken to the hotel. That is why tourists choose to rent a car.

2. Limited time

When you have limited time, but want to see so many sights. Using car hire you can have manage you time, not to think about other transportation.

3. Your car is old

Your car is old and not sure it’s reliable. So you could take advantage of the wide variety of new cars. Small, economical city car, comfortable sedan for a long trip or SUV for all types of terrains.

4. Extra features

Extra features which you can use when renting a car: winter tires, snow chains, baby seats, GPS navigation, Wifi router, and more. Being able to benefit from any of these extras you’ll feel more comfortable on your trip.

5. Special treatment and care at the time of renting a car

Last but not least the customer gets special treatment and care at the time of renting a car. There is no need to worry if there’s a problem because you can easily be connected with the employees of the company who will advice you what to do or a team of specialist will be sent wherever you’re located.

Make your vacation more enjoyable and not engaging with BULGARIACARRENT!